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Whynacht Security Solutions is a proudly Nova Scotian company that has been applying its unique, effective and proven approach to the providing of protection and peace of mind for thousands of clients since 1983.

From security, fire protection, life safety, and loss prevention solutions to courses and seminars teaching the mindset and skills of self-reliance required for empowerment and peace of mind in an uncertain world, we are the one choice.

The traditional residential security system industry is plagued with smooth operators who feed on public insecurity and make their living from volume sales of either “packaged” security systems or a very basic and generic, off the shelf approach to filling a client’s “need”. Worse, many of these “firms” are actually hobbyists who have a different full time job and treat your security as a part time money maker.

Package deals assume that electronic security systems are always the answer, one size fits all, and every client has the same problem that will instantly go away if you buy into their product. Adherents of the generic approach differ from the package mongers only in that they recognize that all security issues are not created equal. Unfortunately, their “design” approach is based on the assumption that any threat, real or imagined, can be addressed by throwing enough technology at it. What both groups are selling is a false sense of security that as often as not leads to the slippery slope of false alarms with the end result being that the cure was worse than the disease. After that, clients have been known to shy away from any electronic security system believing that if a huge, internationally known company couldn’t help them then who could? We think the answer to that last question is obvious. Give us a call.

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."

- Red Adair

About Randy

A native of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, educated at Dalhousie University, the Canadian Emergency Preparedness College, and a variety of training venues too numerous to mention, Randy L. Whynacht has been a professional security consultant since 1981, a survival/self-reliance instructor since 1983, and has been training and rehabilitating dogs since 1994.

He established...


About Diana

A native of Wrocław, Poland, Diana grew up in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia and was educated at Dalhousie University.

A professional consultant to Whynacht Security Solutions in surveillance technology and IT security since 2003, Diana has been training and rehabilitating dogs since 2002.

Exceptionally talented, Diana speaks three languages and embarked on her university career...



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